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SEATTLE, June 1, 2024 --
Perlage Systems, Inc., changes name to Applied Fizzics, Inc.

Seattle-based Perlage Systems, Inc. has announced that it has changed its corporate name to Applied Fizzics, Inc., effective June 1, 2024. 

Evan Wallace, President and founder of Perlage Systems, explained that the change has been under consideration for several years. "The name Perlage Systems made sense when the company had only one product line devoted to Champagne preservation. It was a particularly good fit since the French word 'perlage' refers specifically to the bubbles in Champagne. But over the years, as we developed other carbonation-related products, the name felt a bit out of place in some contexts." Wallace continued, "And since I am a physicist by training, and our products are all related to carbonated beverages, the name Applied Fizzics just felt right. The name has a bit of a wink to it."

Wallace noted that Perlage Systems will persist as a DBA name under Applied Fizzics, and that all business partnerships, manufacturing partnerships, and personnel will remain the same. "This is a change in name only," Wallace emphasized. "We're the same great company with all the same great people and the same great customer service, and we love Champagne more than ever."

The new logo for the rebranded company is shown below. All current email addresses and phone numbers, and all website URLs and links will continue to function as before. Additionally, the new URL appliedfizzics.com will now also point to our website, and all current email addresses of the form <name>@perlagesystems.com are also now functional with the new domain, <name>@appiedfizzics.com.


AppliedFizzics Logo
  • May 26, 2024
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